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Solar rebates for educational Institutes

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), there are several incentives available for educational institutions and similar organizations interested in renewable energy and electric vehicles:

1. Solar and Battery Rebates: The ACT offers substantial rebates for solar panel installations and battery storage systems. This includes a rebate of up to $3,500 or 50% of the battery price, whichever is lower, for eligible solar battery systems under the Next Gen Energy Storage program.

2. Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives: The ACT government is pushing towards zero-emission transportation with substantial support for EV adoption. This includes financial incentives to help with the purchase and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The ACT is working on increasing both destination charging and DC fast charging throughout the region to support the transition.

These programs are designed to reduce carbon emissions and promote cleaner energy and transportation options. For more information on these incentives and how to apply, you can visit the official Climate Choices and EVSE Australia websites.

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