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South Australia  (SA)


In South Australia, educational institutions and similar organizations can take advantage of several government incentives aimed at fostering the adoption of renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles (EVs):

1. Solar and Battery Rebates:   - For solar power, South Australian residents can access the Federal Government’s Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) scheme, which significantly reduces the upfront cost of installing solar systems. Additionally, there is a specific state subsidy for home batteries. The South Australian Home Battery Scheme offers up to $6,000 in subsidies, encouraging homeowners to add battery storage to their solar systems. The subsidy amount is determined based on the storage capacity of the battery installed, with Energy Concession Holders receiving a higher subsidy.

2. Electric Vehicle Incentives:   - The South Australian government provides a $3,000 subsidy for new electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This subsidy is coupled with a three-year registration exemption. The vehicles must be valued below $68,750 (inclusive of GST) to qualify, and this subsidy is capped at 7,000 vehicles.


These initiatives are designed to support the uptake of clean technologies, reduce electricity costs, and decrease environmental impact. For institutions considering these technologies, it's beneficial to explore these subsidies and incentives to optimize cost savings and environmental benefits.

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