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Who We Serve

Residential Apartment Building


Any specialist property management company facilitating the day-to-day operation and management of any jointly owned property with multiple units, common areas and common facilities.

Signing Contract


Lawyers offering specialist knowledge around construction. Anyone advising on issues that can arise out of construction contracts in relation to energy consumption and energy contracts.

Government Building Columns

Local Governments

Local governments who are responsible for the delivery of community services and infrastructure and want to be environmentally and economically conscious in producing solutions.

Apartment Building


Real estate or property development businesses who are building, renovating and re-leasing buildings for markets that are fiscally conscious and appreciate the benefits of energy efficiency.

Electrical engineer working on circuit b

Retail/Commercial Embedded Networks

Private embedded electricity networks serving multiple premises located within a distribution  system through a parent connection in the National Electricity Market (NEM) who want to be profitable.

Fixing Electricity Lines

Distribution Board Manufacturers

Distribution Board Manufactures producing electric switchboards used to distribute power within a building who are innovating in the renewable energy space and catering to it’s unique demands.

Home Renovation


Electrical contractors that specialise in designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems in the renewable energy space. Here we offer recommendations on strategy and components.

Electrical Inspectors

Building Service Engineers

Building services engineers that build safe, comfortable, sustainable indoor environments that are cost efficient and impact-conscious. We’ll help you integrate efficient energy systems.

Business Meeting

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions encompass a wide range of organizations dedicated to providing learning opportunities and academic development. These include schools, colleges, universities, academies, and educational centres.

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