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Apollo Quay Apartments


  • 73 Apartments including Apollo Quay Holiday Apartments.

  • Common area solar PV system Installed April 2020.

  • Embedded Network installation and operation completed in August 2021 for all 73 apartments. 

  • 5-minute electricity meter interval data settlement.

  • Electricity contract procurement was completed and Alinta Energy was awarded a 12-month contract. 

  • 25% savings from day 1 delivered to the community when compared to the A1 Gazetted tariff residents were previously charged by Synergy. 

  • Under the Alinta Energy contract, a typical full‐time apartment resident will save $368.05 (25.10%) per year. 

  • Extrapolating the savings to all 73 apartments, the total saving in year one, assuming typical full‐time residents, saving would be $26,138. 

  • This excludes the additional savings from the reduced daily supply charges, totalling $21,144. 

  • Combined annual total savings are $47,281, giving an overall payback on the embedded network investment of about 1.55 years. 

  • To ensure that the system pays for itself, the strata solar committee has requested the managing Strata Manager, Prestige Strata to charge at the Synergy A1 rate to ensure that the embedded network puts money back into the sustainability strata trust re-circulating fund to ensure that the system is paid back, Alinta Energy bills can be covered and there is funds for future investment into community solar, batteries and EV Chargers as future works stages. 

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