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Element47's Internet Offering for Strata Communities

Elevating Connectivity: Element47's Next-Gen Internet Solution

At Element47, innovation is our cornerstone, transforming strata communities into centers of connectivity excellence. Our cutting-edge internet offering redefines connectivity within your building, creating a seamless, efficient, and budget-friendly network that enhances the lives of developers and residents alike.

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Discovering the Benefits: Unveiling Tremendous Value

Our internet solution isn't just about connectivity - it's a gateway to remarkable advantages that propel your community forward. By embracing our offering, you're not only enhancing connectivity but also earning valuable Green Star points - all without adding extra costs for developers or Strata Community Members. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Let's delve into the array of financial benefits that our solution unlocks:

Cost-Efficient Internet: Our internet solution revolutionizes NBN retail connections. Estimated internet costs for NBN retail connections range between $720 and $1,200 per strata lot annually (excluding CPI). This substantial reduction is a testament to our finely tuned approach to connectivity.

Beyond Savings: Harnessing the Power of NBN

Element47's holistic approach to internet connectivity is about more than cost reduction. Through rigorous cost-benefit analysis, we've explored the full potential of broadband internet within strata community microgrids. This is especially crucial considering the pivotal role secure internet connections play in managing energy-consuming assets.

Unlocking NBN Development Charge Savings


Our solution is engineered to yield significant savings in NBN development charges, enhancing the already impressive cost savings.

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Advanced Broadband Internet

Our offering delivers high-speed broadband internet at 10,000 Mbps, serving all stakeholders and infrastructure. This service, backed by licensed communication retailers, is expertly managed by Element47 on behalf of the Strata Company.

Streamlined IT Network Management:


We do not just provide top-tier connectivity; we expertly manage IT networking for the Strata Company and subsidiary connections. This consolidated approach optimizes systems under a single converged network, minimizing CAPEX and OPEX.

Tangible Results, Real Savings


Our estimated cost benefits are a product of meticulous calculations. We have scrutinized our solution against independent providers, customizing it to deliver unparalleled value.

Furthermore, our approach capitalises on our classification as a Strata Community provider, eliminating the need for individual licenses. We handle IT networking while enhancing the overall resident experience.


At Element47, we're trailblazing a path towards intelligent, interconnected, and financially efficient strata communities. Brace yourself for unparalleled connectivity, substantial savings, and a greener future. Connect with us today to explore how our internet offering can revolutionise connectivity in your building. Let's come together to redefine connectivity, efficiency, and community living.

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