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Smart Renewable Energy Microgrids

Microgrids are the future of energy globally. To date, a few traditional central coal and gas fired generation has been the primary sources of electricity generation on our electricity grids. Now this is all changing. That means many more small distributed generators and can mean more than 2 million devices that require control and managment just on Western Power's network alone. 

Microgrids off insurance against outages which will become more frequent based upon climate change risks, hotter days more equipment failure, fired and overloading will require Distributed Energy Resources to respond accordingly. 



Microgrids start at the home. Element47 can provide you with the technology to manage your home microgrid. This means that you will have reliable electricity whether your grid connected or a remote power supply.

Element47 brings together partners who supply and install our procured and recommended solutions as per your unique requirements. 

Our teams aims are to understand what you want to acheive and to offer you the best solution for your needs and wants!


We provide you with detailed economic analysis and business models others do not have access to. 

Microgrids may be installed in grid connected areas or as off grid power supplies for remote areas, farms etc. 

Talk to us to find out more about how we can help you with your project! 

Solar panels


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Element47 offers microgrids to strata and apartment complexes. 


Most strata complexes are insterested in the lowest cost outcomes and will tender their electricity infrastructure and solar upgrade aspirations seperately, ignoring the benefits of microgrids and the role they have to play in the future 100% renrewable energy grids, the cost savings they bring to strata owners and tenants. 

We look forward to bringing these solutions to apartments with payback on our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) from 0 year paybacks to starting from 2.5 years for Council of Owners finded projects which start at a 65% carbon emissions reduction. 

Microgirds acna help apartments manage the transition to net zero, support infrastrucutre to handle electric vehicle charging and vehichle to grid charging all whilst guarenteeing backup power should the grid fail so that you still have lights, cooking and hot water to take a much needed shower. 

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial buildings can benefit from micrgirds by better managing their electricity load profile. 

While energy efficiency is the biggest key in these large energy consumers, due to the NABERS and commercial building diosclosure (CBD Act) has let to significant improvements in the energy efficiency of building stock in Australia over the past 10 years. 

Microgrids off the ability to offset high fixed cost elements of network charges that can be met by onsite generation and storage. Microgrids can also reduce risk to organisations businesses by providing secuirty of supply. 

Microgrids can assist in reducing the large asset upgrade costs which will be associated with electric vehicle charging infrasture associated with the energy transition to EV's. 

For industrial, users can benefit by rather than upgrading network connections to bring on new equipment which can be costly to upgrade transformers and main supplies, it's quicker, simpler and more sustainable to go down teh smart microgrid path. 

Modern Office Building

Service Stations

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The charge stations installed at service stations are superchargers, these are dedicated DC chargers which enable fast charging of EV's. These chargers operate at power levels from 25kW to 1,000kW.


Two cars can be served from one station with simultaneous charging from two DC and one AC cable. Connectors are designed with global standards and at an accessible height for the disabled.


Electric Vehicle drivers can pay via tap and go using their credit cards or we can integrate to existing service station payment systems. Electrical capacity is typically limites and we have solutions to reduce potentially expensive grid upgrades to enable the retrofit of EV chargers. 

Microgrids can off the flexibility to enable fast charging of EV's when they arrive at the the service station to fuel up, yet they avoid the need for costly grid conenction upgrades by leveraging smart big batteries and onsite renewable energy generation. 

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