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Tasmania is launching a groundbreaking renewable energy program to equip all schools with solar arrays. Spearheaded by the state government, the initiative will kick off early next year, starting with the first batch of schools. In Tasmania, educational institutions and similar organizations can access several incentives and rebates related to renewable energy and electric vehicles:

1. Electric Vehicle Rebates: Tasmania offers a rebate program to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. Eligible new battery electric vehicles, or second-hand electric vehicles that are new to Tasmania, can receive a rebate of $2,000. This initiative is designed to reduce transport emissions and promote cleaner transportation methods.

2. Energy Saver Loan Scheme: This scheme provides interest-free loans to help fund the purchase and installation of energy-efficient products, including solar photovoltaic systems and battery storage. These loans aim to reduce the upfront costs associated with installing renewable energy systems, thus encouraging their adoption.

3. National Solar Subsidy: Although Tasmania does not have state-specific solar rebates, residents can benefit from the federal Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) program, which offers a significant discount on the installation of solar systems. This federal incentive helps reduce the upfront cost of solar installations.

4. Feed-in Tariffs: Tasmania also offers feed-in tariffs, which provide financial returns for excess electricity generated by solar systems fed back into the grid. This incentive supports the economics of installing solar panels and promotes the generation of renewable energy.

These programs are part of Tasmania’s broader efforts to increase the use of renewable energy and reduce emissions from the transportation sector.

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