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New South Wales (NSW)

In New South Wales, educational institutions and similar organizations looking to adopt renewable energy technologies like solar panels and batteries can benefit from various rebates and incentive programs.

1. Rebate Swap for Solar: This initiative allows eligible low-income households, which could include staff housing associated with educational institutions, to swap existing energy rebates for the installation of a free 3-kilowatt solar system. This program effectively replaces the annual $285 energy rebate with significant long-term energy savings through solar power.

2. Empowering Homes Program: Though recently expired, this program provided 100% interest-free loans on solar and battery systems, or battery-only systems for residential properties. It's noted that similar government loan initiatives for renewable energy might be introduced in the future, which could be applicable if revived or modified for educational settings.

3. Solar Feed-In Tariffs: This ongoing scheme compensates solar energy producers, including potentially schools and educational institutions, for the excess electricity generated by their solar panels that is fed back into the grid. The rate can vary significantly between energy providers, offering a return on the investment over time.

Educational institutions planning to implement these technologies should stay updated with NSW government energy departments or local energy service providers to capture any emerging opportunities or new programs that might support their sustainability goals.

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