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Scarborough Wine Co.


  • Element47 was pleased to work with Scarborough Wine Co. in embarking on an innovative energy management journey by leveraging design, metering, monitoring, and visualization solutions aligned with the New South Wales (NSW) business grants for energy management.

  • Understanding that "you have to measure to manage energy," Scarborough Wine Co. implemented a comprehensive energy management system that allows for precise measurement, real-time monitoring, and insightful visualization of energy consumption.

  • Our initiatives included integrating the winery's major refrigeration assets and variable speed drives (VSDs) into the monitoring system, ensuring efficient operation and optimization of energy usage.

  • By harnessing data-driven insights, Scarborough Wine Co. identified the opportunities for energy savings, improve operational efficiency, and reduce environmental impact.

  • With a focus on electricity network integration and adherence to NSW business grants criteria, Scarborough Wine Co. is poised to enhance its sustainability efforts while maximizing profitability and competitiveness in the wine industry.

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