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Tuohy Gardens (DeHavilland 2)


  • DeHavilland 2 for approximately 51 apartments and 500m2 of office space on one Western Power connection point with an existing transformer.

  • Element47 was engaged to provide the most energy efficient, renewable energy and communications electrical infrastructure for the site via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) innovative business model. 

  • Element 47 undertook the installation of EV Charging network, EV Chargers and bus duct and EV Load Management System (LMS)

  • Our company was proud to provide the supply, installation & commissioning of Microgrid infrastructure and hardware tailored to the needs of the client.

  • By working closely with the client, our company was able to develop low cost, carbon positive utilities,
    strategies, plans, business models to enable confidence in investment decision making for the client as well as to integrate innovative energy efficient technologies which would enable dynamic load management to take advantage of the variability of renewable energy generation.

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