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The Plaza - Mandurah Shopping Centre


  • Element47 led an embedded network conversion and electrical infrastructure upgrade at The Plaza - Mandurah Shopping Centre, facilitating the installation of a 100kW solar PV system for lower carbon, cost-effective electricity for tenants, and enabling electric vehicle charging infrastructure retrofit.

  • This ambitious initiative is centered around the conversion to an embedded network and a comprehensive upgrade of the shopping center's critical electrical infrastructure.

  • Element47's expertise was leveraged to transition The Plaza into an embedded network, a move designed to streamline the energy distribution system within the complex. This foundational upgrade is pivotal for the subsequent installation of a cutting-edge 100kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

  • In addition to the solar PV system, the project also laid the groundwork for the retrofitting of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

  • This addition is in response to the increasing adoption of electric vehicles by the public and the need for accessible charging solutions.

  • By embracing renewable energy and supporting EV adoption, The Plaza is set to become a model for sustainable operations in the commercial sector, directly benefiting tenants and visitors while contributing to global environmental goals.

Solar Panels Technician
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