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Innovations in Solar and Battery to meet DER Roadmap and 5 min Settlement

Solar and Batteries are becoming smarter and longer lasting. On the back of the last 10 years in growth in residential solar, the cheap solar boom is starting to close. The electricity capacity for pure traditional solar PV and 1st and 2nd generation solar PV inverters has ended.

New inverters provide remote cloud control and aggregation of assets via local IoT gateways, WIFI and Ethernet connections to the internet. Batteries warranties are extending and we are now seeing 10 to 20 year warranties for residential and commerical storage solutions making the choice to resuce yoru carbon emissions easier.

Government Rebates

Payback are while still simple to understand and know what's what take advantage of the Australian Federal Government Small Scale Technology Credits STC's which form part of a government subsidy to small scale, i.e. less than 100kW of Direct Current (DC) continue declining year on year through to 2030.

AEMO Forecast for PV and Battery Storage

DER and Blockchain Trading

The extordinary development in the connection and integration of all internet connected devices enables through the internet of things, renewable energy to now be traded on the Blockchain using crytocurrency.

Element47 provide turnkey solutions to manage DER accross your home, embedded network, project, assets or portfolio. We ensure that we meet your specific project needs and give you access.

5 Minute settlement with P2P Trading with Advanced Smart Meters

Reliable, equitable, tracable and secure trading of renewable energy on 5 minute intervals enables the benefits of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as to Solar PV, Batteries and Electric Vehicles (EV's) that have the ability to operate in a market and grid connected fashion and that can in some cases even island and run electricity networks from Houses, to Communities to entire Mines as Microgrids are the future.

5 minute interval data from Advanced Smart Meters for all DER including net metering points for embedded network microgrids (Homes to Mines) and energy managment systems with smart Energy Mangement enable solar and batteries to get paid more, accelerate the death spiral of coal and then gas as the transition fuels that enabled human development to date.

Flexibility Services - Off Market Services to Network Operator

Being flexible with how and when we consume and produce energy means we can make sure the power generated and delivered to us always matches the amount we use. Flexibility Services programs such as that run by Western Power allow smart solar PV inverters, batteries and large controllable loads such as heating, ventialation and air conditioning (HVAC), chillers, electric duct heaters, fans, cool rooms and refrigeration to adjust their loadings and consumption.

At times of low grid consumption and high solar PV output, AEMO energy market pricing signals may go into negative, whereby users on the spot market may get paid to consume energy if they are in an unbundled direct market retail tariffs.

Element47 being skilled Energy Managers know how to take your facility, embedded network or Community on it's low carbon journey.

On the back of the recent blog announcing the 6 star NABERS Rating at DeHavilland Apartments, we've been hard at work delivering the 1 and 5 minute interval data SATEC advanced smart meters which are Power of Choice compliant for our Apollo Quay and Witchcliffe Ecovillage.

Our soltuions enable the future of energy by enabling relaible Peer to Peer and Blockchain trading of renewable and grid traded energy equitably between the community. This partnership with Power Ledger should be announced formally at Witchcliffe Ecovillage shortly.

Withcliffe will be the first 100% zero carbon Strata grid connected microgrid embedded networks on Western Power's network. We look forward to sharing more on these exciting projects soon.

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