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Existing and New Strata Apartments in WA ready themselves for Renewable Energy Net Zero Boom!

Element47 are working with a number of Perth Developers, Strata Companies, Councils of Owners and Building Portfolio, Electrical Contractors, Engineers, Builders and Project managers who are either interested in Net Zero Carbon solutions or interested in the benefits that renewable energy can bring to a property.

Element47 believe that sustainability is cheaper than business in the short term and long term. It is critical that we begin the process of taking the science we know and understand that is now supported by the renewable energy and battery technology that we now have. We take advantage of all of the latest technology and have demonstrated its application for more than two years.

Last year, after AIRAH's WA symposium, I was welcomed onto PropTech Hub WA's Data Analytics radio show, which you can find on Spotify here. I cover some of last years updates and objectives for 2022 including what we do and what projects we're currently looking for.

Yesterday, my partner and I watched David Attenborough's; A Life On Our Planet; is a 2020 British documentary film narrated by David Attenborough. The film acts a "witness statement", through which Attenborough shares first-hand his concern for the current state of the planet due to humanity's impact on nature and his hopes for the future.

I had the privilege to see David Attenborough which was worth every last dollar for the last minute tickets to see him in real life and having caught up on his most recent films and series from the couch brought back so many memories from growing up.

The way he paints and starkly presents the science reaffirms why I became an environmental scientist and chose Climate Change as the biggest environmental issue from which that I wanted to devote my attention to and assist in solving.

It reaffirms why I co-founded Element47 to combat climate change by making sustainability the obvious option by presenting it in a digestible way to business and consumers, i.e. it is cheaper than business as usual.

This is made cheaper as a result of a reduction in enabling technology due to economies of scale and the demand for solar PV panels, wind, batteries and battery powered electric vehicles (BEV's), chargers and operating technology.

We are specialising in the deployment of such technology into local private microgrids with embedded metering networks and Powerledger's uGrid platform for trading of electricity and carbon using blockchain technology.

I also bring our experience and lessons learnt from sustainability and energy management of over 200 buildings including as Energy Manager of Murdoch University from which I had graduated more than 10 years ago now.

Thankfully, I have a new very supportive partner whom attended a self guided tour of Witchcliffe Ecovillage on Ally's birthday, earlier this week, between wineries and the local Margaret River Giniversity Distillery before the trip back to perth for the Australia Day fireworks.

Our meters are already installed in temporary distribution boards amongst many of the houses being installed and will be transferred into the homes electrical distribution board as the net meter for each house.

We're in the final stages of the technical design prior to executions and deployment of the communications network on site to enable one of the most unsubsidied advanced converged microgrid embedded networks in Australia and the world.

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