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291 West Coast Highway, Scarborough


  • 291 West Coast Hwy is a new development seeking 5 Star Green Star the site to an embedded metering
    network to enable the rapid transition to a lower cost, lower carbon electricity supply to the site.

  • Element 47 was engaged to provide an Energy Management Strategy which managed to deliver lower cost, low carbon electricity to the site through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at no upfront cost to the developer.

  • Element 47 undertook the installation of EV Charging network, EV Chargers and bus duct and EV Load Management System (LMS).

  • Our company was proud to provide the supply, installation & commissioning of Microgrid infrastructure and hardware tailored to the needs of the client.

  • By understanding the needs of the clients, our company was able to provide a tailored PPA solution that seamlessly blends renewable energy sources, cutting-edge technologies, and significant financial benefits which in return helps achieving Green Star Points for 100% Renewable Energy.

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