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50A Margaret Street, Cottessloe


  • Element took on the comprehensive design and installation project involving four SENEC V3 battery storage systems, complemented by 8.2kW of solar panels for each of the four residential connection points within the complex.

  • This initiative resulted in a total of 36kWh of battery storage capacity and 32.8kW of installed solar panel capacity across the four buildings.

  • The deployment of the SENEC V3 systems alongside the solar panels exemplified Element's commitment to integrating renewable energy solutions with cutting-edge storage technology. 

  • This approach not only enhanced the sustainability of the residential complex but also offered residents reliable access to clean energy and potential cost savings through reduced reliance on the grid.

  • Element's expertise in renewable energy systems and meticulous attention to detail ensured seamless integration and optimal performance of the SENEC V3 battery storage systems, providing residents with a reliable and environmentally friendly energy solution tailored to their needs.

Beach House Apartments Cottesloe.PNG
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