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636 Newcastle Street, Leederville


  • Element47 took charge of supplying SATEC Advanced Smart Electricity Metering equipment to a prestigious new luxury apartment complex developed by Megara, Maine Architects, Thomas Building and PGS Industries.

  • This collaboration ensured the seamless integration of cutting-edge metering technology into the building's infrastructure, reflecting the developer's commitment to high-quality, innovative developments.

  • As a trusted provider of smart metering solutions, Element47 meticulously selected and delivered the SATEC Advanced Smart Electricity Metering equipment tailored to the specific requirements of the luxury apartment building. our expertise in energy management solutions ensured that the metering equipment met the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency.​

  • By partnering with Element47, Megara ensured that the new luxury apartment building not only boasted exceptional architectural design but also featured state-of-the-art energy monitoring capabilities.

  • This integration of advanced metering technology aligns with Megara's vision of delivering sustainable and technologically advanced properties, catering to the needs and expectations of discerning residents seeking luxury living experiences.

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