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Solar & Battery

Residential Solar

A Solar system installed on your roof will generate free electricity from the sun for years after years. Through a solar system, you can significantly reduce or eliminate your synergy bill. You can enjoy all your electric appliances with peace while keeping your electricity bill as low as possible.

When it comes to financial investment, there is no better investment than solar. Our expert solar consultants will help determine the best solar panels, inverters, and batteries, which suits your energy requirements. We only deal with reputed tier 1 brand with a focus on the latest technology in the solar industry.

By installing a solar system, you not only save more on your electricity bill, but also save the environment. Your CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced every year with a 6.6kW system.

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Solar Panels

We have a huge range of panels, all clean energy council certified and approved.  Solar panel efficiency is crucial consideration while choosing a suitable panel for your house. The higher the efficiency, the more kilowatts of energy you will be generating per square meter of panels. Panels with high efficiency occupy less space on your roof.

Solar Inverter

The role of a solar PV (photovoltaic) system is to generate DC (direct current) current from the sun. Solar Inverter is used to convert the DC power generated by the panels into AC (alternating current) power for your electrical appliances at your residence. A high-quality solar inverter will optimise systems efficiency and power generation capability. An inverter will be connected to the grid and can maintain the flow of AC. 

There are three types of inverters:


  • String Inverters: All the solar panels in the system are connected by one or more strings to the inverter. These inverters are suitable for roof’s which have no obstruction to sunlight.

  • Hybrid Inverters: A hybrid inverters are similar to string inverters, but with an additional feature of a charge controller. Batterie can be managed using a hybrid inverter with the need for a separate charge controller when you install a battery.

  • Micro-Inverters: Microinverters are small inverters that are connected to individual solar panels. These inverters are useful when there are obstructions to sunlight on your roof. The panels in the shaded area will not affect the efficiency of your solar system with a microinverter. System up-gradation is easier with micro-inverters as the solar panels are not connected to a central inverter. 

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