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Our team know how to help you transition to lower cost low carbon energy. We pull together the latest technology available on the market that works! 

We've seen the advancement of sustainability technology and those first movers whom drove demand for better solutions over the past 20 years. This demand for more sustainable solutions has led to many technologies that enable sustainability to cost less than business as usual. 

Energy and sustainability management principles enable us to measure your costs and savings to deliver the business case appropriate and fit for purpose for your needs.


We've seen so many short cuts and dodgy deals that we know what to avoid. We actively defend clients in court where they have been let down by what they thought were trusted advisers who would deliver lower cost outcomes for their home or development, yet failed. 

We understand that the we are in a climate emergency and that science based targets require all new developments are to be 100% electric, zero carbon developments and that the energy transition is here as renewable energy is cheaper than business as usual when combined with energy efficiency. 

Andrew Haning

Andrew’s contribution to our organisation comes from a blend of education, research and a significant amount of proven field experience. He gives back to the community by the scientific community by supporting Universities, publishing articles and is a current member of AIRAH’s national Renewable Heating and Cooling Special Technical Group (STG).

Andrew has been involved in Green Star, NABERS and the transition to sustainable zero carbon buildings since becoming an environmental scientist. He's managed more than 200 buildings including state and local governments, universities, retail, industrial and commercial assets. He's commitment to CIBSE soft landings sees him share all of the lessons learnt from years of auditing and managing assets. If he's concerned something isn't going to work, he's probably got a good reason for the proposed solution. 

Happens to be a trained dancer with over 19 years of experience. He even appeared in a music video, performed a ballet at the Quarry Amphitheatre and is involved in the local Perth dance community in a variety of modalities including breakdance, contemporary dance and contact improvisation with periodic jams, workshops and performances.

He also loves taking a few polls while playing cricket at Murdoch University Melville Cricket Club and recently played for the first suburban turf grade.  


Steve Applin

Steve is passionate about the energy transition and manages the contractual, automation and billing services within Element47 co-designing our PPA's, financial modelling and turnkey embedded network services.

Steve has assisted Ms Jessica Shaw MLA with industry feedback into the Inquiry into Microgrids and Associated Technologies in WA.


He also brings a wealth of knowledge from his time supporting large multinationals corporations manage and otimise their business administration and finance processes more effectively and efficiently! 

What's Sustainability without the finance?

He loves his family, including his wife and two young children. Fish keeping, footy & politics are certainly some of his other rivals for his attention.



Solar Panels

Solar PV and Batteries

Solar and batteries are key to the energy transition enabling sustainable zero carbon, low cost energy.

Element47 Commertial EV.jpg

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging for all of your Residential and Commercial needs.

Modern Housing Complex

Embedded Networks

Equitable distribution of renewable energy traded on the Blockchain to enable a transition to zero carbon low cost energy within a community. 

Solar Heating Buildings

Full Service Microgrids, VPPs and PPAs

Microgrids are smart off-grid power supplies to prevent blackouts. 

Virtual Power Plants (VPP's) save you money by smartly controlling your solar and batteries to reduce your bills.

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Our experienced team provide energy and utility consulting services which help you understand use, carbon emissions and costs.






Witchcliffe Ecovillage

Embedded network management of 350-400 new sustainable homes.


Residential Apartment Building


Any specialist property management company facilitating the day-to-day operation and management of any jointly owned property with multiple units, common areas and common facilities.

Signing Contract


Lawyers offering specialist knowledge around construction. Anyone advising on issues that can arise out of construction contracts in relation to energy consumption and energy contracts.

Government Building Columns

Local Governments

Local governments who are responsible for the delivery of community services and infrastructure and want to be environmentally and economically conscious in producing solutions.

Apartment Building



Real estate or property development businesses who are building, renovating and re-leasing buildings for markets that are fiscally conscious and appreciate the benefits of energy efficiency.

Electrical engineer working on circuit b

Retail/Commercial Embedded Networks

Private embedded electricity networks serving multiple premises located within a distribution  system through a parent connection in the National Electricity Market (NEM) who want to be profitable.

Fixing Electricity Lines

Distribution Board Manufacturers

Distribution Board Manufactures producing electric switchboards used to distribute power within a building who are innovating in the renewable energy space and catering to it’s unique demands.

Home Renovation



Electrical contractors that specialise in designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems in the renewable energy space. Here we offer recommendations on strategy and components.

Electrical Inspectors

Building Service Engineers

Building services engineers that build safe, comfortable, sustainable indoor environments that are cost efficient and impact-conscious. We’ll help you integrate efficient energy systems.

Business Meeting

Who We Serve Client Summary

Strata, Lawyers, Local Government, Property Developers, Retail/ Commercial Embedded Networks, Distribution Board Manufacturers, Electrical Contractors and Building Service Engineers.


Of Solar PV delivered to date 


Residential and Commercial Savings are possible!


Zero emissions is our aim


We aim to slow global  warming to 1.5'C


Corporate Memberships

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“Working with Element 47 has been practical and efficient, there were quite a number of challenges on this project with the logistics of integration and the introduction of multiple technologies combined together in the new format, but Element47 came to the fore on all occasions.


The ongoing support and running of the system is being taken care of by the team efficiently and all the occupants are very happy with their power systems. All the deliverables were completed as promised and I look forward to the next project"

Stuart Hawley - Director - BlueRock Projects

Now Solar Drone Installation.jpg

Residential solar and battery storage

Our residential solar and battery storage sales team of Louie, Didi, Josh and Pauly do a great job of bringing affordable, quality installed to the world through our partnership with Now Solar and MLEC Solar.



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