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Apollo Quay Apartments

  • 74 Apartments including Apollo Quay Holiday Apartments.

  • Common area solar PV system Installed April 2020.

  • Embedded Network installation and operation completed August 2021 for all 73 apartments. 

  • 5-minute electricity meter interval data settlement.

  • Electricity contract procurement was completed and Alinta Energy was awarded a 12-month contract. 

  • 25% savings from day 1 delivered to the community when compared to the A1 Gazetted tariff residents were previously charged by Synergy. 

  • Under the Alinta Energy contract, a typical full‐time apartment resident will save $368.05 (25.10%) per year. 

  • Extrapolating the savings to all 73  apartments, the total saving in year one, assuming typical full‐time residents, saving would be $26,138. 

  • This excludes the additional savings from the reduced daily supply charges, totalling $21,144. 

  • Combined annual total savings are $47,281, giving an overall payback on the embedded network investment of about 1.55 years. 

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